My direct sales business had me pulling in long hours with most of that time spent on the phone. This forced me to schedule my presentations in the evenings. Half the time when the microwave bell rang, my children rang to the door bell thinking someone was there, when actually dinner was served. Pouch food was a new invention and did I love that for my kiddos! So here I was a homemaker and the mother of a five year old son, and a daughter who was eight years old. Starting my own home-based business, I always had a laundry lost of things to do and I never seemed to be able to make a dent in it. More often than not, I’d usually would forget something for sure.

One afternoon…

My son, Aaron, got invited to our neighbors for a play-date. The timing couldn’t have been better because I really needed to make calls with my sales team. Later that day my neighbor asked if he could stay for dinner. When Aaron came running through the front door that evening he was so excited he could barely speak. He rushed over to me and said he wanted to tell me something very important. He yelled out, “MOM I had the GREATEST thing today!!” Very calmly I just said “great, what was it?”

You see at this point in my life I didn’t spend very much time in the kitchen and Aaron was very easy to prepare anything for foods with him, make my life easy. Now my daughter, Laura, was picky, so I tired to keep things very simple when It came to meals. He said he asked my neighbor EXACTLY what he had eaten. And she repeated the food again to him. But that was not good enough, so he then said, “can you say it EXACTLY what it is again very SLOWLY PLEASE SO I CAN REMEMBER HOW TO SAY IT TO MY MOM!”

Now here I was thinking he had beef stroganoff. When he finally looked up at me he said very SLOWLY…”MASH-ED PO TA TOES!!”


  1. Never forget who you are doing this for. Make sure to spend quality time with your family.
  2. Keep balance in your life: faith, home, business.
  3. Massive Action requires utilizing your GREEN (calling time, money time), YELLOW (minimal small unexpected interruptions)  & RED ZONES (time with your family & friends)