About Nancy Hopper

Keynote Speaker & Direct Sales Expert

Nancy is an award winning story teller with the perfect combination of passion and content. Her highly sought after keynote, Breakthrough Sales, is popular with clients who want their employees and members to see immediate results with their teams. Nancy utilizes a number of engaging methods including role playing to help stimulate creativity and learning – inspiring attendees into action!

Nancy is an entrepreneur and sales technique specialist. As a successful CEO she has seen her share of chances, and learned how to conquer adversity. She knows how to embrace healthy, productive outcomes. Her sales techniques are proven to help you do the same!

ATX Women Magazine
Nancy Hopper featured in ATX Woman

Speaker, Direct-Sales Expert and Business Coach Nancy Hopper was featured in the Oct, 2018 issue of ATX Woman magazine’s ATX Women to Watch segment. As an expert in building long-time business relationships, Nancy broke sales records in the direct-sales market for a company with sales of $2.5 billion a year, and she was top salesperson in the nation.

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Highly sought after by meeting planners, sales groups, and marketing departments, Nancy is able to fine-tune her keynote to bring the greatest success to each organization. Having her own radio show in Las Vegas, Nancy interviewed hundreds of companies and celebrities. The lessons learned there have helped her bring depth of experience to the sales industry. Her audiences love and relate to her real life stories.

Keynote speaker and business coach, Nancy Hopper helps individuals and companies accelerate their success by building relationships, mastering resilience, followups, and ultimately closing more sales. Each of Nancy’s programs combines her years of experience in sales with current research, humorous stories, and relatable examples, creating a learning experience that gets results

Nancy’s enthusiasm keeps her excited about life, and her signature statement, “It’s Unbelievable!” expresses her view of life and it’s possibilities. People are drawn to Nancy and her genuine concern for those around her results in a long list of friends.


Meeting planners, sales groups, marketing departments, and more… Everyone loves Nancy. Nancy combines her years of experience in sales with current research, humorous stories, and relatable examples, creating a learning experience that gets results!

Michael Paclik, Jr.

I met Nancy Hopper at a speaking engagement and she blew me away within the first few minutes of hearing her speak. She’s energetic, captivating and has some incredible sales strategies. I have since met with her for business coaching and planning. Her ideas and enthusiasm have helped me get my start up to the next level. Nancy Hopper is also a force to be reckoned with in the speaking world and one heck of a sales woman. Ask her the real story about Johnny Bench!

Michael Paclik, Jr., Principal at MPAC Development & Lucky Arrow Retreat, Dripping Springs Texas
Sara Townsend Ackland

This spit fire, Nancy Hopper, has experience and excitement that draws people in like a moth to a flame!! I cannot tell you how much I appreciate all your hard work and how exciting you were in teaching our break out session in Monat, In’l.  Get with Nancy for your next seminar and convention.  

Sara Townsend Ackland, Senior Director, Monat, In'l.

“No one can top Nancy’s enthusiasm and energy level!”

Oliver Benloulou, CEO of Ideal Protein International