Nancy Hopper is a problem solver. She knows first-hand the challenges you and your direct sales teams are facing. All of her programs center around accelerating sales success, by teaching team members how to build relationships, recruiting, mastering resilience, and closing more sales.

Nancy believes that anyone can succeed in the direct sales market if they have mastered the right sales techniques. With over 25 years in the industry, and a shelf-full of top producer awards, Nancy knows how to grow a sales team.

She is fun, personable and engaging, and most importantly, she will easily relate to your team.


Nancy’s Keynote Presentations

Are you willing to be mentored? Are you coachable? Are you ready to make you work ethic second to none? If you answered yes, this keynote is for you! Nancy Hopper takes you on a sales journey as your tour guide, coach and mentor. She tells amazing sales stories, shares relatable examples, and reveals her 4 sales and success principles. Nancy’s ideas will turn the biggest issues and concerns into their biggest opportunities. She is a dynamic storyteller, with the perfect combination of passion, side spitting humor, and content. and… she is waiting behind the curtain!


This presentation is about generating Massive Action! As a sales expert Nancy understands that in order to be successful in today’s Direct Sales Market you must be proactive in your sales approach. Think of your numbers, what accounts need to be penetrated, and your strategy to make that happen. Developing and building meaningful relationships requires daily calls, nurturing contacts through networking in social or business venues, utilizing social media and helping others achieve their goals. Position yourself with your belief in your organization and it’s products in order to be able to succeed in a meaningful way. Learn as you run so you can get asking, calling and build the sales foundation for you and your team.


Want to drive more sales and breakthrough what’s holding you back? It starts with growing your personal confidence, become passionate and knowledgeable about your product and the ability to build lasting relationships as you continue to grow your center of influence. Growing your center of influence starts by building trust, creating an emotional connection, and getting people to feel comfortable with you. Nancy Hopper is here to help you create greater sales successes. Nancy’s non-traditional approach, combined with her refreshing humor will get you and your team motivated to use her techniques that drive sales. Here’s to a Breakthrough Year!

Michael Paclik, Jr.

I met Nancy Hopper at a speaking engagement and she blew me away within the first few minutes of hearing her speak. She’s energetic, captivating and has some incredible sales strategies. I have since met with her for business coaching and planning. Her ideas and enthusiasm have helped me get my start up to the next level. Nancy Hopper is also a force to be reckoned with in the speaking world and one heck of a sales woman. Ask her the real story about Johnny Bench!

Michael Paclik, Jr., Principal at MPAC Development & Lucky Arrow Retreat, Dripping Springs Texas
Sara Townsend Ackland

This spit fire, Nancy Hopper, has experience and excitement that draws people in like a moth to a flame!! I cannot tell you how much I appreciate all your hard work and how exciting you were in teaching our break out session in Monat, In’l.  Get with Nancy for your next seminar and convention.  

Sara Townsend Ackland, Senior Director, Monat, In'l.

“No one can top Nancy’s enthusiasm and energy level!”

Oliver Benloulou, CEO of Ideal Protein International

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